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NOKOA-The Observer was created in the summer of 1987 to advocate and give voice to Central Texas' political activists involved in challenging and changing antiquated laws, customs and ideals that unjustly oppress or suppress people because of their skin color, religion, sexual choice, gender identity, age, size or income. We Co-opted the NAACP motto "Speaking Truth to Power" and are constantly doing research we can share with our readers on the ways those in power deceive us into being deluded about how deceptively our lives (and minds) are being manipulated.

NOKOA's underlying objective has always been to provide readers with news and information that assist their decision-making that is not readily available at most other media outlets. This grassroots, progressive political weekly newspaper delivers to its readers, advertisers, constituents and observers informative, entertaining, holistic coverage of issues and opportunities that help inform their choices. NOKOA's focus is upon telling readers about things that affect their lives they may not be aware of at the time.

NOKOA was created in 1987 out of the recognition that there was no weekly newspaper in Central Texas that was covering the activities and interest of progressive political activists of all cultures who openly challenged the "isms" that divide us one from another and cause us to turn on potential allies experiencing similar discomfort. NOKOA's mission was and is to "Speak Truth to Power" and to awaken the our readers to the possibilities involvement in the political processes open up and the power that proliferates by spreading unity across racial, sexual, religious, cultural and political boundaries.

NOKOA's multicultural readership is composed of senior citizens, students, workers, activists, organizers and curious folks who collectively represent a significant segment of Central Texas' ever shifting consumer population. NOKOA is distributed in San Marcos, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Taylor, and Smithville and at over 100 locations throughout Austin. Our free weekly can be found at many churches, supermarkets, schools, libraries, museums, community centers and businesses throughout the region.

NOKOA is the most widely distributed African American owned newspaper in Central Texas. Our 5,000 weekly issues reach between 20,000 and 25,000 readers and our Internet visits keep climbing. NOKOA advertising connects clients with those readers. NOKOA's more than three decades of survival in a market where all weeklies are free proves that this newspaper has produced measurable ROI for advertisers who promote the products and services in NOKOA consistently. Advertising in NOKOA The Observer is truly an investment, not an expense.

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